Information systems have become part of the social infrastructure, with a significant impact not only on business, but also on individual lives and the community as a whole. Virtually all activities now rely on information systems.
Since its establishment in 1966, responding to the demands of the times, NIPPON SYSTEMWARE CO., LTD. (NSW) has expanded its business from software development to device development, system integration services, and cloud services that principally focus on data center services.
Throughout this expansion, NSW has consistently maintained its commitment to a customer-oriented approach, with the belief that our customers are the core of our business at all times and with the aim of cooperating and strengthening ties with our customers. To achieve this aspiration, the Company has also maintained a policy of focusing on its people, seeking to bring out the potential in each employee.
NSW also believes that corporate social responsibility initiatives to help build a better society are part of its corporate mission. Accordingly, we are involved in activities dedicated to preserving resources and the environment, and we contribute to our community through means such as neighborhood clean-up activities, blood donations, and disaster victim support programs.
NSW’s corporate philosophy “Humanware By Systemware” expresses its goal of contributing to society with its innovative systems. By making the most of our proven technologies, expertise, and creativity, we seek to consistently create valuable systemware that is always responsive to contemporary needs, earning the trust of our customers, shareholders, and the community.