Personal Information Protection Policy

NSW has announced the following basic policy inside and outside the company and complies with this policy.

Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information in NIPPON SYSTEMWARE CO., LTD.

NIPPON SYSTEMWARE CO., LTD. (NSW) has established the following policy for the protection of personal information. To earn the confidence of society, NSW is committed to developing, implementing, and continuously improving its systems for controlling personal information, and to handling personal information accurately and securely.

1. Development and ongoing improvement of NSW’s personal information protection and management systems
NSW reminds its officers and all of its employees (including dispatched workers, workers re-hired after retirement, fixed-term employees, part-time workers, and short-term workers) of the significance of personal information protection, develops personal information protection and management systems (in conformity with Personal Information Protection Management System - Requirements (JIS Q 15001:2006)) for the purpose of properly protecting personal information, and surely implements and continuously improves those systems.
2. Purposes of using personal information
Unless otherwise set forth in laws, NSW may use personal information for any of the purposes described below, to the extent necessary for NSW’s software development, device development, information processing services, the selling of information systems and devices, or other business activities.
  • For purposes approved by customers on an individual basis in advance
  • For performing contracts with customers (e.g., offering products or services to customers)
  • For contacting customers in order to respond to their inquiries or requests or to otherwise handle affairs in the course of business
  • For handling personal information entrusted to NSW by other organizations
  • For sending out invitations to exhibitions in which NSW intends to participate, introducing products, services, or seminars or other experiences offered by NSW, or requesting responses to questionnaire surveys
  • For communicating with NSW’s shareholders
  • For employing personnel (including recruiting) and managing human resources
  • For addressing other issues pertaining to any of the purposes listed above
3. Acquisition, use, and provision of personal information
NSW acquires, uses, and provides personal information properly, to the extent necessary for its business operations, in accordance with applicable laws and in-house rules and regulations. Unless otherwise set forth in laws, NSW will clarify the purpose(s) of use when acquiring personal information and will never use personal information for any other purposes. In addition, NSW will not provide anyone’s personal information to third parties, except as permitted with the person’s consent or under applicable laws.
4. Entrustment of personal information
When NSW outsources certain operations, in whole or in part, NSW may entrust relevant personal information to the outsourcing partner to the extent necessary for the performance of the outsourced operations. In this event, a person meeting NSW’s predetermined criteria should be selected as the outsourcing partner. NSW will legally require the outsourcing partner to protect personal information, either in contracts with the outsourcing partner or by other means, and properly supervise the outsourcing partner.
5. Proper control of personal information
NSW takes due care not to cause any leakage, loss, damage, or tampering of data, or other incidents pertaining to personal information, and undertakes appropriate preventive and corrective measures.
6. Respect for the rights of individuals
If an individual contacts NSW to request the disclosure or correction of personal information pertaining to that individual (the requester) in NSW’s possession, or to delete such information, or to discontinue its use or handling, NSW will verify the identity of the requester and take appropriate steps in accordance with applicable laws.
7. Compliance with laws and guidelines
NSW complies with the laws governing the handling of personal information and all other applicable guidelines.
8. Responding to inquiries and complaints
NSW operates an inquiry counter to receive inquiries about the handling of personal information, and sincerely and expeditiously responds to inquiries and complaints.